Have you been missing your favourite desserts since you became vegan?

Enjoy the sweet pleasures of traditional desserts once again

This time…
Dairy-free. Egg-free.
Without compromising the flavour.
100% cruelty-free.

If you have chosen a cruelty-free lifestyle…

You might be thinking that dessert season is officially over for you.

Going vegan has been a brave decision. So first of all, congratulations on transitioning to a more harmonious and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

However, the only reason why you might still be finding your new lifestyle challenging could be that… 

You miss desserts.

Once you go vegan you’re still able to enjoy your favourite savoury meals.

But when it comes to sweets…

You feel guilty because you miss desserts and you’d like to have them again.

Especially because you know that these recipes contain animal products. You know: butter, eggs, whipped cream.

Because of your vegan lifestyle, finding the right desserts might be difficult for you, and also baking and enjoying them.

How many hours have you spent in front of your computer screen searching for the vegan version of your favourite dessert?

Could desserts still be creamy, fluffy and delicious, even if they’re free of dairy, butter, eggs and other animal products?

A few years ago, our answer would probably have been: “um … No!”

But today, after having experienced the pleasure of baking and tasting vegan desserts, we’re certain that they compare to traditional non-vegan options in terms of flavour, quality and appearance. Sometimes they’re even better.

After more than 200 trial and error tests working on vegan recipes, we’ve noticed that in most cases, the recipes fail because of 3 basic mistakes that you might be making or might be unaware of:

Mistake #1

To substitute the ingredients for anything else

Keeping in mind that baking is more a science than an art, to willingly substitute or eliminate ingredients for a cake, biscuit or traditional filling, is not a good idea. Each ingredient plays a part, working together with other ingredients to achieve a great result.

You might have heard that bananas or apples make good substitutes for eggs. But to use them interchangeably without taking the rest of the ingredients into account is not a great idea.

Mistake #2

To completely eliminate Cream and fats

Dairy products make sponge cakes fluffy and butter helps them rise and contributes to a light texture. Unfortunately, neither of them is vegan. But this doesn’t mean that you need to get rid of creamy ingredients that will help you achieve an amazing texture in your dough.

Plus, egg holds everything together in traditional baked goods. For this reason, you can’t just simply get rid of it and hope for the best.

Mistake #3

To assume that all vegan products are healthy

Just because a product is vegan doesn’t mean that it’s healthier than the traditional version. After all you’re not making a salad here.

So, if the recipe requires a cup of vegan cream, well you have no other choice than to add it. Shortcuts are not going to do you any favours.

Let’s be honest here.

Cookies and brownies are often quite easy to veganise.

But, what about meringue, creams, and French desserts that rely on eggs and a lot of butter for great flavour and structure?

That’s why we’d like to help you master the techniques and tricks that will allow you to bring these recipes to life.

Introducing Tábatha’s School new course:


A comprehensive course covering everything from the selection of the ingredients to the application of professional techniques necessary to make vegan versions of traditional desserts.

You will learn to make the necessary adjustments in terms of ingredients and techniques that will allow you to turn traditional recipes into truly scrumptious desserts free of animal products.

You’ll be supported every step of the way

Supported learning

You won’t be baking by yourself. Overcome your fears and insecurities by accessing the Q&A section on our learning platform. Through this section, our School’s professional pastry chefs will support you, and answer EACH AND EVERY ONE of your questions.

Educational videos

Gain a solid understanding of how to use each technique and ingredient through our HD quality videos. Get clear instructions that will help you bake vegan desserts without guessing or getting confused.

Any place and anytime

Watch the videos as many times as you wish, from home or anywhere you are. You’ll have permanent access to the contents of the course and to its on-going updates.

Support resources

There’s no need to watch the videos over and over again if that’s not your wish. You can download and print all the recipes, worksheets, and additional material. You’ll have access to full ingredients and basic utensils lists.

Check out the contents of the course

Whether you’d like to impress your relatives and friends or you simply want to enjoy your desserts once more without feeling guilty, this course is packed with essential vegan recipes.

1. Vegan baking foundations

Discover substitutes for eggs and a whole new world of alternative ways to sweeten. You’ll also learn how to make classic vegan pastry dough.

2. Brownie

These homemade vegan brownies break every rule in terms of baking brownies. They’re yum even without butter. Fluffy even without eggs. These brownies are amazing and they truly compete with their traditional counterpart.

3. Vegan Pâte Sablée

Perfect for any tart, this solid dough from classic French pastry creates a whole new world of possibilities.

4. Lemon sponge cake

Celebrate those sunny days with a big slice of light and fluffy lemon sponge cake. A smooth sponge cake with a refreshing flavour, ideal to enjoy on a sunny day.

5. Pistachio and Forest fruit tart

With a nut and pistachio crust, this tart is not only vegan but it’s also gluten-free. Discover a delicious alternative to diplomat cream.

6. Apple cake

A soft, almost ethereal cake, topped with a sweet sugar and cinnamon layer. With its fresh apple flavour, this cake is absolutely scrumptious especially when served warm with a little bit of vegan whipped cream.

Once you’ve introduced your guests to this new alternative, no one will miss the traditional option.

7. Banana sponge cake

A perfect breakfast alternative that goes great with a cup of tea.

Also, a great option if you’re craving something sweet and you don’t feel like spending a lot of time baking a complex recipe.

8. Pear and Frangipane tart (poached pear tart)

Share this recipe with someone for whom veganism is all about sacrifices and deprivations (and watch them as they “suffer”).

You’ll love this classic elegant and delicate tart, filled with roasted almonds and soft pears.

9. Brioche

Addictive. It won’t last a couple of days. Everyone will devour it. Guaranteed! A soft, smooth and absolutely irresistible bread. It’s so good that you won’t feel like sharing it. Top it with your favourite jam, any time of the day

10. Macarons

It took us over 30 trials to get the perfect vegan macaron recipe that will blow your mind away. A classic French dessert made with an astonishing ingredient that replaces egg whites.

These macarons have perfectly smooth and crunchy shells, and creamy chocolate filling.

11. Croissant

Delicious, crispy and buttery. Dairy-free classic French croissants are yours for the taking, anytime you want them.

Plain or stuffed with your favourite filling.

12. Pastry and apple pie

Pastry is an essential ingredient in vegan baking due to its versatile character. Master its preparation and you’ll be able to create anything: from crispy fruit rolls to cinnamon rolls

13. Praline truffles

They can make great presents for anyone, anytime. These bonbons will take you on a sweet journey to success. A creamy delicacy that melts in your mouth straight away with a hint of crispy sugary texture.

14. Chocolate and coconut cookies

Coconut and chocolate make an incredible combination. Just one of these cookies will satisfy your craving for chocolate, but they’re so good you’ll always want more. Whenever you feel stressed, tired or irritable, these cookies will help you feel better.

15. Lemon pie

Sweet creamy filling with just the right level of acidity and topped with meringue.

This delicious vegan lemon dessert is very classy and easy to make.

16. Pate de fruit

Fresh fruit paste confectioneries. The sugar crystals make them glitter like jewels, enticing adults and children alike.

17. Pavlova

It tastes exactly like the traditional version. Sweet, light and crispy, with a marshmallow core.

A great dessert option whether it’s plain or topped with fruit.

18. Mascarpone and blackberry tart

Almost too pretty to eat it. Almost. Light tart with a fresh and sweet flavour.

The perfect addition to any meal.

Turn everyone’s favourite classic desserts into scrumptious vegan recipes

Through the Online Vegan baking course you’ll discover:

Every alternative option you need to know how to make vegan desserts, including creams and the most suitable egg substitutes.

Now let’s talk about your investment

Online Vegan baking Course takeaways:

Single payment of 197 €  88,65 €

Do you need help finalising your order or do you have any questions? Email us at hola@escuelatabathapasteleria.com

“Wow, Is this really vegan?”

Once you’ve completed the course and start experimenting with all the lessons, you’ll be able to make vegan desserts, 100% dairy and egg-free.

These recipes are not only aimed at vegans. They’re also great for people with allergies or for those aiming to reduce their cholesterol levels and to eliminate animal fats from their diets.

Thanks to the Vegan Baking course you’ll be able to:

As Tábatha School’s pastry chefs we’re offering you our 7 day guarantee

We’re certain our recipes work because we created them and we tested them for more than a year before launching this course.

We promise you will discover new ways of making delicious, 100% vegan desserts that will mesmerise your family and friends. They’ll find it hard to believe that they’re free of animal products.

However, we’d like to make it easy for you to join the course.

That’s why we’re offering you 7 full days to access the platform, watch the lessons, and start practising with them.

If within 7 days you decide that this is not the right course for you, regardless of the reason, get in touch with us and let us know.

If we’re unable to resolve the issue, we’ll happily give you a full refund. We’ll just ask for additional information to learn and to improve the course.

We come from experience when we say it (and when we bake it)

I’m Uriel Aguirrezabala, Pastry chef at Tábatha School.

Once someone told me that baking without eggs, milk, and butter is not real baking. There will always be people with preconceptions about vegan desserts.

Surely it has happened to you too as a vegan. You talk to a friend about vegan desserts and their first reaction is a curious one and maybe they think that these desserts taste like cardboard.

And that’s precisely my main motivation: the permanent challenge.

To prove to non-vegans that dairy-free and egg-free desserts are exactly like their traditional versions in terms of flavour.

Here at Tábatha School, we’d like to make desserts accessible to anyone. Accessible to you, even after having eliminated animal products from your life.


Let us remind you what are the takeaways of the Online Vegan baking Course:

Do you need help finalising your order or do you have any questions? Email us at hola@escuelatabathapasteleria.com

How many vegans does it take to bake a star vegan dessert?

Just one. You.

The vegan baking course is for anyone who wants to bake delicious desserts free of animal cruelty.

If you’re a devoted vegan or if you’d like to become one; if you’re lactose intolerant or simply because you’re looking for a new way of enjoying your desserts, you’re welcome to join this course.

This course is a great fit for you if you’re looking for detailed instructions on how to bake delicious recipes that are egg-free and dairy-free.

There are no previous formal requirements to take this course, however, we expect you to be an active learner, willing to allocate time to bake every week, keen and eager to learn new things.

You’ll only make the best of the course if you practise regularly.


Let us remind you what are the takeaways of the Online Vegan baking Course:

Do you need help finalising your order or do you have any questions? Email us at hola@escuelatabathapasteleria.com

Are you wondering…?

I’m a total beginner. Would this course be too difficult for me?

No need to worry. You’ll get to know the most important tricks of vegan baking in detail, starting with the different types of flour, leavening agents, and egg substitutes. You’ll gain this basic knowledge before going deeply and in detail into the preparation of delicious desserts.

What if I already have pastry experience? Will I learn something new?

Yes you will. We’ve carefully chosen the recipes for this course and we’ve created them in a unique way, allowing you to get new and delicious baking ideas. We promise you’ll discover something you didn’t know before.

How much time should I allocate to the course?

Most students at Tábatha School spend 7 hours per week doing the course. The Online Vegan Baking Course lasts 5 months, so you can make your learning plan accordingly. Some lessons might take you longer than others. Remember that you have life time access.

Will I be able to work at my own pace or do I have to adhere to specific deadlines?

You can do the course at your own pace. The contents are available 24/7 from any high-speed Internet device. We’ll post just one lesson per week till we’ve completed them all.

Does this course require special ingredients or utensils?

You’ll be able to find most of this course’s ingredients at your local supermarket, healthy food store or via the Internet. As for the utensils, you’ll use standard baking equipment such as bowls, trays, blender, food processor, food mixer, thermometer, measuring spoons, scales, and oven.

You’ll also get access to a tutorial featuring slightly more specialised equipment providers, and ingredients.

Is this course also suitable for people with allergies, celiac disease, or for those who follow specific diets?

First of all, the preparation methods that contain gluten may be replaced with gluten-free alternatives.

As for the allergies and diets, you must know that you’re signing up for a vegan baking course, which means you’ll be extensively using products such as sugar, fats/oil, a range of flours, chocolate, nuts, seeds, and fruits, etc. All the recipes are 100% free of animal products, though you’ll be using vegetable oils.

What if the course isn’t what I expected? What’s your refund policy?

Once you’ve paid for this course, you have 7 days to go through its contents, watch some videos, and get all your initial doubts solved through the private Q&A section on our learning platform. If within those 7 days you’re not convinced of what you’re seeing, just email us with a refund request and you’ll get your money back as soon as possible.

We’ll just ask you to provide us with some feedback to improve and grow.

Ready, bake, go!

Turn the oven on. Here we go.

All the recipes in this course have been tested and approved by both vegans and butter lovers. So you’ll be able to bake for all the people you know.

Do you need help finalising your order or do you have any questions? Email us at hola@escuelatabathapasteleria.com

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