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Exercise of rights | When you contract a service and / or product from Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes, a commercial relationship is created by virtue of which you can receive communications about news, commercial and / or promotional offers. However, you can always withdraw, access, rectify, delete, oppose, limit and / or request the portability of your data processed by Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes, sending an email to

Storage and preservation of personal information | This website mainly stores the personal information obtained in the subscription to the Newsletter, cookies and that obtained to fulfill the contracting of services and / or products, direct storage is carried out in conventional and secure media, such information is treated confidentially by the team de Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes, that is, no other third party is planning to transfer it, you have all the details in the Privacy Policy. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are services with integration to third-party apps or parties (such as Kajabi that stores data outside the European Union).

No responsibility | Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes always acts in good faith and stays in Kajabi because this company claims to have an adequate level of security and is active on the Privacy Shield List, if you notice that the platform, content, links or operation is deficient or doubtful, please notify our team by sending an email to to proceed to analyze, report, delete or disable the corresponding link. This will be the procedure in case of direct detection by the Tábatha®️ team. Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes.
Safety information | Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes has contracted the Kajabi Accommodation services because it states that it will keep the contents and user data protected under security and protection measures. However, in the event of a hack, Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes will not be responsible for damages of any nature, for the use of this site, its apps, pages or linked links.

In this document and in the Privacy Policy we inform you of the various companies and / or apps that have been contracted for data processing. Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes has a basic action protocol appropriate to its database and will always seek diligent action.

It is possible that technical problems appear, in which case, Kajabi will be notified to restore the affected programs as soon as possible.

Intellectual property | Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes has all the rights to all the creative elements shown: Courses, Programs, Resources, Videos, Tutorials, Recipes, Downloadable, Audiovisual Contents, guides, photographs, Copywriting, product names , Brand, emails, infographics, models, other author’s works and Industrial Property elements originated under his Administration, all are protected by national and international Intellectual Property laws, so that any unauthorized use may violate such laws. . Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes reserves the right to carry out the actions it deems appropriate.

Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes does NOT authorize the reproduction, exhibition or modification (neither total nor partial) of any content under its exploitation, nor does it authorize derivative works (for example, gifs or montages), in the same way it does NOT authorize the editing, use, distribution or sale of any of them.
When you contract the products and / or services offered by Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy:

Courses & Recipes, you are granted access to the development of its structured work process and its own “know how”, therefore, both the structure and the “know do ”of Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes, are developed under a confidential clause, this means that you will not be able to carry out commercial activity identical or similar to that of Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes nor will you be able to share the form with anyone else and structure that is transmitted to you; Be sure to receive the same confidentiality throughout the management of the service and / or contracted product.

All the improvements and modifications, ideas and additions that you notice about any content, product and / or service of Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes, as well as all the works that derive from these, are the Property of Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes. From this moment on, you are obliged to inform Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes of all the discoveries you make about its contents, services and / or products (physical and / or digital) offered through Kajabi, the Affiliated people, links and authorized Apps, this applies to any that derive from the Authorship of Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes. For this you can send an email to with the subject PROPOSAL FOR IMPROVEMENT and develop your proposal. With this you not only comply with legality, but also help the quality of services / products improve for your own experience and that respect for Tábatha®️ endures.

Personal use of downloadable and audiovisual material | The total or partial reproduction of downloadable payments is prohibited, as well as the recording of audiovisual materials for any purpose. The use of the materials is strictly personal to the client or buyer who obtains legal access to them, disclosure, sale, resale, edition, distribution, public communication, transformation, incorporation into a computer system, digital transmission, mechanics or by any form or means of all downloadable, audiovisual materials, sessions, recipes and any format developed by Tábatha®️.

Recommended Citation | Before the reasonable and legal use, you must notify us by sending an email to and CITING to Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes either in APA style or as follows: Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes, [Course title], [year of publication]. The omission of summons, as well as the unauthorized commercial use, will lead to the establishment of the corresponding claim (judicial and / or extrajudicial). Tábatha®️ reserves all its rights in this regard.

Rights and Intellectual Property of other Authors | Tábatha®️ also does not guarantee any right over any patent, Trademark, Copyright or confidential information, with respect to the commercial or bibliographic references included in the products and services as part of Tábatha®️, in any case, has made an interpretation and an exhaustive compilation of information, which is duly referenced. If you consider yourself aggrieved with any content from Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes send your email to

Exclusivity | The Tábatha®️ brand and its Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes line, its logo, Design and Models, are for the exclusive use of its owner. The use of this Brand, its logo and design is prohibited, as well as any part that implies the image and Intellectual Property of Tábatha®️ for any purpose, without the prior written authorization of its owner.

Tábatha®️ reserves all the rights of image, Author, Industrial Property and Intellectual Property that corresponds to it, as well as those that are directly or indirectly linked to it.

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