We know that Legality can be very dense, but it helps us that the offer of our products and / or services is transparent and effective, when you have doubts about hiring, you can consult permanently, easily and free of charge the following clear information, Understandable and univocal of the products and / or services offered by Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes.

1. The languages available for recruitment is Spanish and/or English.

2. When you want to complete your purchase and purchase the desired product, you must choose between 2 options: 1) Payment by card or 2) Payment with PayPal.

3. Payment by credit or debit card is managed by Stripe and payment by PayPal is the latter company. We recommend registering your data without hurries (hurries can cause registration errors and delivery delays).

4. Until the chosen payment method confirms the payment of your order, Kajabi may give you access to the product and / or bonuses included in your purchase (if any).

5. In the event of any doubt or failure that arises when trying to make the payment, please write an email to with a question / failure in purchase. We will try to give you an answer as soon as possible.

6. When you purchase a product and / or service offered by Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes, immediately or at the latest within 24 hours after Tábatha®️ is notified of the payment, Kajabi will send you the email accesses for you Registered, therefore, it is essential that you verify that your email and contact information have been correctly registered.

7. Please read carefully the following contracting terms, if you have any doubts or clarifications write an email to with questions or clarifications regarding the contracting conditions, the Tábatha®️ team will respond as soon as possible.

Client or buyer & Purchase | It is the person of legal age (18 years of age or more), who acquires (buys) the product or products offered by Tábatha®️ through Kajabi. In addition to accepting these terms and conditions, the purchase is binding on the terms detailed at and
The client or buyer is the sole and exclusive person responsible for providing at the time of purchase, the correct and updated information requested. The correct registration of the data of the client or buyer is essential to give him access to the service and / or digital product purchased (and the corresponding bonuses).

Cancellation of purchase | If the client or buyer has made more than one refund request to Tábatha®️, the purchase may not be approved.
The purchase of the client or buyer who incurs in any of the assumptions established in the Service Policies will also be disapproved. In any case, it will be Tábatha®️ and his team who at their discretion may disapprove a purchase.

In case of disapproval of purchase for the reasons stated in the preceding paragraphs, the customer or buyer will receive an email in which this situation will be exposed.
Processing of personal data | When a client or buyer purchases a product offered by Tábatha®️, their data will be managed according to the detail specified in the Privacy Policy.

Kajabi | It is the online platform that Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes (also the Producer) has commissioned the accommodation and marketing of their Digital Products using technological tools contained in Kajabi.

Digital product | It is the content offered by Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Recipes, Pastry training products, Ebooks, Mini Courses, Courses, Basic Courses, Advanced Courses, sessions, mentoring, etc., which can be enjoyed through Kajabi in various formats (video , audio, text, PDF, etc).

Price | It is the amount in money that is assigned to each product and / or service offered by Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes. This amount will be visible at each time of payment and at that time Kajabi will add VAT when appropriate.

Termination of access to the products | In all cases of Courses, access will end after the calendar year from its purchase, however, the access extension may be paid to enjoy the corresponding extension according to the terms established by Tábatha®️.

Personal use of downloadable material | The total or partial reproduction of the free and paid downloadable of Tábatha®️ Pastry academy: Courses & Recipes is prohibited, since they are for the personal use of the client or buyer who obtains legal access to them, edition is also prohibited, distribution, public communication, transformation, incorporation into a computer system, digital transmission, mechanics or by any means or form of all downloadable materials.

Access | The time to access the purchased product can vary between 24 hours and 7 calendar days (it could be longer in the case of erroneous data registration).

Lifetime Access | It is understood for this reason an access without time limit of availability of the product that grants it and that in any case will be a maximum of 1 year (with the possibility of being extended).

Service policies | Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes, has designed the following Policies in order to keep the offer as adequate and organized as possible, but above all so that the environment and the relationship between buyers and Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes are as respectful as possible to promote smooth interaction and compliance with structured plans:

  1. Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes and its team will try to serve their clients with diligence and respect. The response time of an email could vary from a couple of hours to 48 hours.
  2. If the client or buyer does not receive, they do not receive access to the purchased product within 48 hours, they must send an email to indicating as subject I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ACCESS TO THE PRODUCT, in this case, the seller will give priority maximum to your email to solve the failure.
  1. When the customer or the buyer has not correctly registered their product receipt email, wait up to 10 business days for the seller and Kajabi to take the necessary steps and provide access in the correct email.
  2. The customer or buyer agrees that only the return of the payment made in the following case should proceed: When it is within 48 hours of purchase, the seller and Kajabi will not be able to provide Documentary Evidence of having sent the email with access to the Product, provided the customer has correctly registered their email receipt during the purchase.
  3. Returns will not proceed:
    • When the client records erroneous data at the time of purchase and does not contact the seller to report the failure.
    • When the purchase does not finish correctly, and the payment is not received by the seller.
    • When the buyer has not checked his SPAM folder to confirm the email with access to the product, it is in that space.
  4. The client or buyer must take into account that once a return is requested, any subsequent purchase may not be approved.
  5. Access to the products and / or services offered by Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses and Recipes, may not be approved for the client or buyer who has previously purchased any product or service from Tábatha®️ and who at some point has been delayed in the payment of their fees.
  6. Access to the products and / or services offered by Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses and Recipes may not be approved for the client or buyer who in previous purchases incur disrespect to the Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes, for example, messages or harmful comments (in any communication channel). The injurious qualification will be limited at the discretion of the Tábatha®️ team.
  7. Access to products, services and their bonuses (if any) could be periodically blocked from customers or buyers who incur in non-payment (late payment). This block will end if the client is brought up to date on their corresponding debit (s) before the end of the corresponding edition.
  8. Access to the products, services and their bonuses will be definitively blocked for customers or buyers who incur in non-payment and who are not up-to-date with their corresponding debt (s).
  9. When a client causes tension during the development of the activities of Tábatha®️Pastry Academy: Courses & Recipes or even harmful comments to the Tábatha®️ team, she will be expelled from the product or service that corresponds to all her bonuses.
  10. Obligations of the client or buyer in a return proceeding | Destroy any downloaded,captured or saved content in any way on any device. Do not use any content of the product claimed in return. Do not slander, insult or make statements that may affect the image of the Tábatha®️ Brand in the face of this event.
  11. Disclaimer | The client or buyer waives their right to request a return and / or cancel their purchase in any other case other than section 4 of the service’s policies.

Guarantees | The only case in which the refund will proceed is the one detailed in section 4 of the service’s policies. The customer or buyer who benefits from a return will be reimbursed, it will be the same payment method used at the time of purchase, which may take 30 to 60 days. The return implies the total value of the purchase.

Smart monthly shopping | The lack of payment of any fee, as well as the payment rejected or canceled by the corresponding payment method, will lead to the blocking of temporary or permanent access to the purchased product or service. In addition, the delinquent client or buyer may be prevented from making new purchases.

Customer or buyer user | The username and password (user keys) is created for each customer or buyer is for personal and non-transferable exclusive use. The transfer or sharing of the access codes to the product or service purchased, resold or sold to another person will be grounds for expulsion. In addition, the person who incurs an improper transfer of their user codes may be prevented from making new purchases.

Affiliate | She or he is the client or buyer or guest of Tábatha® who registers in the corresponding program to promote by using the tools available on that platform. Registration as an affiliate will be authorized by Tábatha®️ and its conditions are signed in a private contract between both parties.

Coupon or discount | It is a word or set of words that the client or buyer can enter in the corresponding section of the purchase, to enjoy a coupon or reduced price.
Using a coupon or discount will imply a period of validity available by Tábatha®️ and they will have fulfilled the conditions that each coupon or discount requires.

Limits | Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses and Recipes and their team cannot be responsible or grant guarantees that the product and / or service satisfies the personal needs of the clientele, nor can they be held responsible for their improper use.

Modification of these conditions | Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses and Recipes reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time. Purchases are subject to the conditions in force at the time of executing the payment.

Personal liability and release of claims | The client or buyer acknowledges that she assumes all responsibility for her own life and well-being, for all the decisions made and their effects, during and after the acquisition of the Products and / or Payment services and their contents developed by Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses and Recipes.

The client or buyer releases Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy: Courses and Recipes and its team from any liability for damages and sums of money of all kinds, arising from past, present or future participation in the services, products and / or programs offered by Tábatha®️ Pastry Academy Courses and Recipes.

Claim | If you have purchased a service or product on this website and want to make a claim in this regard, you must send an email to in which you refer your name, postal address, attachments, copy of your DNI, NIE or Passport and expose the reason for your claim.

Conflict resolution | Any judicial dispute will be resolved in the Courts with residence in Madrid, Spain. The complementary information to these terms is available in the Legal warning. All of the above, in compliance with the provisions on Data Protection and Electronic Commerce corresponding to Spain.

Thank you for considering our request. If you agree with the following terms, respond to our comment on Instagram / Facebook by mentioning @tabathapasteleria #SÍtabathapasteleria Hereinafter User Content (you) and Tábatha®️ (or “us”), we agree that you are the owner of the photographs, text, graphics, moving images, sound, illustrations or any other content, including metadata associated with the location information (along with your biometric data, your profile name, the city, social networks, called “User Content”) that you publish or share with us and / or that you mention in your comment.

You are authorized to use your User Content as follows: You grant us a license to reproduce, display, publicly share, edit, distribute, modify, sublicense, and use any other form of your User Content in connection with any website or Tábatha®️ social media channels for other Tábatha®️ digital marketing purposes, including, but not limited to, email marketing, digital and mobile advertising and / or other customer communications.

This license on your User Content is not exclusive, which means that you can use your Content for your own fines or allow others to use your User Content for their fines (as long as it does not motivate unfair competition or bad image of Tábatha®️ ) This license on your User Content that you are granting us is granted royalty-free, which means that it has no financial benefit. In addition, this authorization will take effect in any country in the world. Finally, this license granted is perpetual, which means that it is for an indefinite duration. You agree that: You are of legal age, you are in full use of legal powers and you are the owner of all rights over your User Content or, alternatively, you are empowered to grant Tábatha®️ the previously mentioned rights. You understand and agree that Tábatha®️ will not pay you for the use of User Content as set forth in these terms. You represent that your User Content does not infringe the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, publicity rights or other legal rights of third parties.  Tábatha®️ is the one who decides whether to deny or agree to use or delete the User Content for any reason. You agree that such decision is not notified to you.

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