Are you a dessert lover that worries about what to eat and wants to maintain a good health?


No sugars, no refined flour nor saturated fat.

Same look, taste, and texture to its less healthy counterparts.

Do you put effort in eating healthy, but when you’re craving something sweet, your best intentions fly out the window?

Let’s see…

You’re one of those people that have oats for breakfast, grilled chicken salad for lunch, a quinoa dish for dinner and healthy drinks during the whole day.

You’re the living image of a healthy lifestyle and you tick all the boxes in a balanced diet.

However, your sweet tooth is your Achilles heel.

When you start craving something sweet, you struggle to say “No!” to yourself and try to escape the guilty pleasure.

Every time you cheat, you feel horrible. You punish yourself and swear you’ll never fall for it again.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Believe it or not, it is possible to satisfy your sweet cravings without throwing your efforts for eating healthy down the drain.

Who said that desserts have to be high in sugars and in empty calories?

Desserts have a bad reputation. And rightly so, since very often they’re filled with sugars, flours, carbs and ingredients that, despite tasting amazing, may not be the best for your health.

Many desserts’ recipes you can find online that are allegedly healthy are not at all healthy because they have a lot of sugar or white flour as their main ingredient.

If you’re following a recipe that’s low in fat, it’ll be very high in sugar. Or one that’s low in sugar, it’ll have a lot of fat. And so on and so forth.

Anyone can make cookies that taste good with four bars of butter and three cups of sugar. But is that what your body wants?

What you need is motivation, dedication, and knowledge to make alternative healthy substitutes and recipes in which you can use the right ingredients.

What makes a dessert really healthy?

When you choose desserts that have no-refined ingredients, fruits, and vegetable fat, you get a dose of healthy antioxidants and fiber that help you to maintain a good health.

The trick is in knowing how to choose alternative ingredients that are sugar-free or have no refined flours, nor saturated fat.

This way you can treat yourself – in a moderated way, of course – with new healthy and delicious ways of finishing off the perfect meal.

A dessert is really healthy when:

It offers the tastes, textures, and smells you love

Sweet and sour, warm, and cozy,
tasty and savory… What flavors are you after in a dessert?

If your dessert does not satisfy your senses’ needs, it probably won’t be enjoyable to eat.

Include your favourite ingredients

They are made with fruits, whole grains, rich in fiber, have nuts and seeds, have healthier oils and are free of artificial ingredients and flavors.

A healthy dessert has less empty calories and much more whole foods alternatives.

Satisfy what you really want

If you’re looking for extra energy to continue with your day or control your weight, a healthy dessert might be what you need.

And it satisfies you, not because it fills you up but because you eat it slowly to enjoy every delicious bite.

Satisfy your sweet cravings without sabotaging your healthy lifestyle with the


The most complete course to prepare delicious healthy desserts free of guilt that you can have every day

You would have support at every step of the way.

Assisted learning

You will not bake on your own. Overcome your fears and uncertainty logging in whenever you want to the learning platform.

There, you will find the support from chefs from the academy who will answer each and every one of your questions

Instructive videos

Clearly learn how to use each technique and ingredients with HD videos.

Get clear instructions so you can prepare healthy desserts with no speculations or confusions.

Anywhere and anytime

From home or wherever you are, watch the videos as many times as you want.

You will have permanent access to the course’s content as well as every update we may do moving forward.

Support material

You don’t have to watch the videos over and over again if you don’t want to. Download and print out all the recipes, worksheets and additional material.

You have access to the complete list of ingredients and basic utensils.

Balanced desserts for the whole family. Prepared with ingredients that you can find in your local supermarket.

Have a craving for these 12 desserts low in calories, sugars, and carbs but with an amazing flavor and that will make you feel good.

Pear, raspberry, and chocolate tartlet

Chocolate lover: this tartlet is for you.

If you like dark chocolate, you will love this tartlet that is soft, super chocolatey and covered in fresh pears and raspberries.

Mango, passion fruit, and seeds cake

Fancy a tropical dessert?

The sour taste of the passion fruit and the sweet flavor of the mango is the best combo. The perfect summer dessert.

Coffee cake

Ideal for a shared dinner or to serve as a dessert after a family dinner. No one will know how healthy it is or how easy it is to make.

Lemon pie

Soft and spongy, this lemon pie will melt instantly when it reaches your lips. You could eat seven slices of this pie and you still wouldn’t reach the number of calories or saturated fat you find in one slice of “the others”.

Coconut and mango pie

This pie deserves an award.

Which other dessert ends up looking this beautiful, tastes delicious and is so easy to make?

An easy dessert, fantastic to welcome guests or to take it for a sunny picnic. Each bite is fruity, sour, and creamy.

Jar of pastry cream with fruits of the forest jam and granola

Happiness in a cup.

Pastry cream is well known and loved everywhere no matter where you are. But this one is lighter but at the same time thick and soft with a delicate vanilla flavor.

Two textures Brownie

With or without an oven. You decide.

Sometimes all you need to cheer up your day is a brownie. But not any brownie. A thick and chocolatey one that’s so good that your spine will shiver. No sugar, no butter and no eggs.

Nutella ingot

Healthy and dreamy hazel cream.

A nutritious alternative to commercial hazel creams that have more sugar and fat than hazels

Carrot cake

It stands tall, moist and with texture. Its icing is thick, and you can taste its creamy texture in every bite. Get ready for people asking for the recipe.

Avocado and lime pie

Say hello to a new way of eating avocado. Apart from being obsessed with the color of this pie, you will love how healthy it is because it’s made with healthy fats for your body.

Banana bread and oats biscuit

Do you want to make someone’s day happy? Bake some banana bread! A comforting dessert that makes every home cozy and makes everything better. Banana bread is magic.

And, if you were looking for the healthiest and most complete recipe for oats biscuits, you’ve found it!

Papaya and coconut caramel jar

Dessert for breakfast? Yes, please!

Wake up in the tropics and start your day with this revitalizing dessert that improves your digestion.

Desserts with a sinful taste and look but 100% healthy

In the Healthy Pastry Online Course of you’ll find:

Different alternatives to processed white wheat flours that will increase your fiber and protein intake.

Chocolate variants that add antioxidants, fiber, iron, and zinc -among other nutrients- to your creations.

Butter replacement that remains solid under room temperature and has low sodium.

The right way to add sweet flavors without using a pinch of white sugar.

Come on! Eat them with no regret.

With the recipes from the Healthy Pastry Online Course you will find new ways to be creative in the kitchen and increase your desserts’ nutrients and flavors.


With the Healthy Pastry Online Course you take home:
An only payment of 197 € 84€


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Is it possible to stay healthy while enjoying your favorite desserts?


That’s what the Healthy Pasty Course is all about.

Prepare and enjoy healthy desserts with no sugars, no refined flours, and no saturated fats that will taste amazing and will adapt to the most demanding palates.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

You have a 7-day warranty at Tábatha Pastry Academy

Take 7 whole days to get to know the platform upside down and make your first creations.

If this offer is neither everything I say it is nor everything you’re expecting, let me know within 7 days after your purchase and I will reimburse your money.

No questions asked.

Click on the button below and find out the best ways of making exquisite and healthy desserts that will improve and keep your healthy lifestyle.

Eat a cake and keep wearing your favorite trousers

Desserts are like everything else you eat.

If the ingredients are healthy enough to eat separately and make you feel good, then they are perfect to be mixed in a creative way that will transform them into a healthy dessert.

We know that “healthy” is a complicated concept that can mean different things to different people.

We can all agree that a dessert must satisfy your senses as well as your health.

We chose these recipes with these criteria in mind while targeting a wide audience.

We are bakers not nutritionists. In this course, we will teach you different preparation alternatives that are healthier than traditional desserts that have sugars, refined flours, and saturated fats.

Chef Uriel

We have been invited to talk about desserts by:


With the Healthy Pastry Online Course you take home:
An only payment of 197 € 84€


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Get ready to bring back delicious desserts to your life without compromising your health.

These recipes have to be part of your life if:
You love sweets, cakes, biscuits, brownies, and desserts in general.
No tienes la fuerza de voluntad para privarte durante semanas y meses de los placeres dulces.
You are ready to put a smile on your face and healthy desserts in your mouth and your loved ones’.
You’re a busy person with no time to look for the right ingredients.
You like the idea of enjoying desserts that will help you keep your healthy lifestyle.


With the Healthy Pastry Online Course you take home:
An only payment of 197 € 84€


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Do you have any questions?

Probably here you’ll find what you’re after

Can I REALLY eat these desserts with no remorse?


Eating these desserts will help you take care of yourself because you’ll not deprive yourself from what you like the most and continue with your healthy lifestyle without adding any sugar or refined flour or saturated fat. Moreover, the course offers you the option to turn your recipes into vegan ones if that’s what you want. You will not add empty calories to your diet.

Are there any ingredients difficult to find or very expensive?

Not at all. You can find every ingredient in the recipes of the Healthy Pastry Online Course in your local healthy food shop and in most regular food shops.

The desserts look delicious. Do I need to be an expert to make them?

You don’t need to be an expert in the kitchen to prepare the healthy desserts we teach you in this course.

Lessons are short, practical, and very easy to assimilate.

If you have baking experience, it’ll be even easier for you.

You will not even need specialized kitchen tools. The basic utensils will be enough.

And if I don’t like the desserts?

No problem. You will get your money back.

We love these desserts but we know that not everyone has the same taste. Therefore, if you find out you don’t like these desserts as much as we do, send us an email within the first 7 days after your purchase and we will give your money back.

We have got rid of all risks because we want to make sure that you dare try desserts again, but this time in a healthy way.

I’m on a gluten free diet, are these recipes suitable for me?

No usarás harinas refinadas sino alternativas más saludables como la harina de maíz o la harina de almendras.

Are these desserts suitable for diabetic people? What do you use as sweetener?

Not all recipes in the course are suitable for diabetic people because this course is about learning how sweeten with different alternatives and many of those are not suitable for people with sugar problems. When preparing these desserts, you’ll use: maple syrup, whole cane brown sugar, agave syrup, Stevia, Erythritol, dates and the fruit nectar.

What type of fats?

You’ll use: coconut oil, olive oil, almond or peanut butter. You will also learn to prepare each recipe in its vegan option.

I’ve got another question, who can I reach out to?

You can write all your inquiries to the email address and you will get an answer in the next 48 hours.

Eating healthy does not mean sacrificing your desserts.

Instead of trying and getting the same disappointing results, follow the exact instructions with the exact ingredients to prepare a dessert that will taste the same (or even better) than your favorite bakery.

Your taste buds will thank you.

An only payment of 197 € 84€


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